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Frequently asked questions

Do You Accept Recreational Patients?


Sign up HERE

What do you need to register as a medical marijuana patient in Nevada?

Nevada state-issued medical marijuana card along with a matching second piece of valid/unexpired government-issued photo ID.

Do you accept Out-of-State Patients?

Yes, we do! Sign up HERE

What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday – Saturday 10AM until 11PM, and Sundays 12PM until 11PM

If I am a returning patient, do I still need to bring my Medical Card and ID every time?

Yes, you must bring your Medical Card and/or ID every visit per State of Nevada regulations.

Is there a limit on the amount I can purchase?

28 grams per day

Do you have any promotions?

We have in-store promotions often. If we are having a promotion, it will be posted in the Deals section of our Website as well as on our Instagram and Facebook pages. If you signed up to receive our text messages, or have subscribed to our Facebook calendar, you will be notified of all of our upcoming promotions.

Do you have a first-time patient deal?

Blackjack Collective loves welcoming new #VIPatients everyday. As a token of our affection to all our new #VIPatients, we have set up a 1st Time Patient Deal that is sure to put a smile on your face.

– Pick a select GRAM with purchase under $100 for $0.01
– Pick a select 8th with a purchase of $100+ for $0.01

Do you have tax?

Medical: 10.15%
Recreational: 20.15%

Are your prices tax inclusive?

No, Price does not include tax

What forms of payment are accepted?

Per state and federal law, we can only accept cash at this time. We do have an ATM within the store for patient use.

Do you carry edibles over 100mg?

Yes we do! All of our edibles over 100mg THC are available for medical patient purchase only. We are also not allowed to sell infused beverages, products that use unlicensed likenesses of images or logos, or any products that appear enticing to minors.

If I am a Vendor, can I sell my product to your dispensary?

Per Nevada law, all flower and products containing flower must be cultivated and processed from seed to sale in licensed and regulated MME’s within the state of Nevada. Potential vendors must have all required licenses and paperwork in order to be eligible to sell to our dispensary. We are not permitted to accept product from other dispensaries. If you are a vendor that fits this description, feel free to reach out to us at